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Top 3 Dog Friendly Places In Garforth

According to the PDSA, 26% of adults in the UK own a dog, that's a total of 9.9 million pooches! Dog lovers are on the rise as well; in 2011, there were just 8.3 million dogs in the UK. With this increase in dog ownership, you may have found more and more places becoming dog friendly. If you're local to Garforth, like us, then we've researched our top 3 dog friendly places to visit with your pooch.

Pride & Produce

Located towards the bottom of Garforth Main Street, Pride & Produce is a fabulous cafe offering locally sourced foods for the hungry residents. On their menu you can find a range of choice from mexican spiced chicken flatbread to buddha bowls (salad with layers of grain, veg, and protein).

You'll often find other proud dog owners in the cafe, and the lovely ladies who work there enjoy fussing them! This local deli also provides dog bowls ready to quench your pup's thirst.

The cafe environment is both modern and comfortable, with an additional upstairs seating area as it can get busy on weekends.

The Miners Bar & Kitchen

You can find The Miners on Aberford Road, just before Garforth Main Street. It is a family run establishment offering some pub classics for very reasonable prices.

On their menu you'll see burgers, salads, sandwiches, and more. On a Sunday, they offer roast dinners with a set menu of 2 or 3 courses. Of course, your furbaby can be sat right next to you as you tuck in to your meat, mash and gravy!

The Urban Pet Store

Now you've filled your boots with tasty food, what about a treat or two for your companion? We have just the place for you!

The Urban Pet Store is run by a lovely lady whose passion for animals shines through. She sells only natural pet products, so you'll find all sorts of treats like pig ears and hairy beef hide. Your pup is certain to love them, and may even grab a favourite off the shelf while you're not looking!

As well as tasty treats, there's a selection of toys, beds, and accessories to keep your dog occupied for hours. Of course, pooches are allowed in the shop and will get a big fuss from the owner.

You can find The Urban Pet Store just a stone throw away from Pride & Produce and The Miners as it is located at the top of Garforth Main Street.

We hope this post is useful when you're looking for somewhere to have lunch and not leave your four-legged friend behind. Don't forget that if you do have to leave your dog behind for a weekend, Tali's Tails can offer a home away from home with our luxury boarding service. Find out more here.

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