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The best dog toys and chews for your pooch

Are your dog's toys destroyed too quickly?

Dog toys aren't cheap, and if your pup destroys them quickly it's difficult to predict whether the next you choose is going to live longer than the last. After going through this myself, with lots of trial and error, I've put together a list of toys and chews I find to last even my spaniel at least a few weeks.

The Classic KONG

A well known treat dispenser, the classic KONG is ideal to make dinner or snack time fun. There's so much you can do with one of these. Fill it with little treats or kibble and watch your dog chase it round and work out their own tactic to get the goodies out! Mickey, my Sprocker spaniel, likes to pick it up and drop it. Another option is to freeze wet food or kibble in water, and then it should grab your pup's attention for even longer.


There are a lot of natural dog chews and treats available out there. They are a favourite for my pup as I wouldn't feed him anything really artificial. After all, why would dogs need food colouring? That's just to help sell the product by looking more attractive to us. Some of the natural treats look off-putting, such as chicken feet or beef 'pizzle', but deer antler is much easier on the eye. Antlers also lasts a long time, weeks in fact for one slice. Just remember to remove it when it's reduced to a size which could be swallowed whole - we don't want an emergency vet trip! Be sure to order a suitable sized antler for your dog; for medium to large dogs I would go for a large.

KONG Squeezz Jels

I have a soft spot for piggies so I chose this one, but there's a large variety including a blue hippo and a green frog. These are fabulous, they can be used for fetch with the added fun that they bounce in all directions. They are tough for chewers too; Mickey has got a few little teeth marks in it but piggy is holding up well!

Buffalo Horn

Another long lasting natural chew, a buffalo horn can last weeks. Watch the splintering though, we haven't had a serious issue but if this gets into the gums it could be painful. They are usually cheaper than antlers (nearly half price) and can be found in most pet shops or online.

If you have any questions on these, such as where is best to purchase or sizing for your dog, don't hesitate to send me a message. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our future blogs and more!

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