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Getting a new furry family member? Here are some tips to prepare

Updated: May 24, 2020

a yorkshire terrier puppy
Like butter wouldn't melt, but a new puppy isn't easy

Have you picked out your puppy from the litter and are now eagerly waiting for the next few weeks to pass? I know how this feels, both excitement and anxious to really want the new pup to settle right into your family and home. Here's some tips and tricks for making this fun but sometimes stressful time easier.

Toys, toys, toys

a corgi puppy with a ball
Entertain your new puppy with a selection of toys

Like a child, a puppy loves toys and they're important for entertainment as well as learning. You'll also be thankful for any toys nearby when your puppy is going through its teathing phase (ouch!).

I would suggest squeaky tennis balls, these come in different sizes so it's best to work out what size is suitable for your puppy once you bring him or her home. If you're welcoming a small/medium sized dog, go for the small balls. A large dog breed may need the standard size balls.

A rope toy is great for all members of your family to engage with your puppy, just be careful he/she doesn't chew and swallow any strings from the toy.

One exciting time in the lead up to collection date is picking a cute squeaky teddy out from the local pet shop. I'd recommend choosing a small soft toy suitable for your pup's size, and having this toy in bed with you for a couple of nights leading up to your new baby joining you in your home. This will mean your scent is on the teddy and can help calm the pup on his/her first nights in their forever home.

Safe Sanctuary

black puppy in a dog bed
It's important to create a comfortable spot for your new puppy

Dogs are descended from wolves, and when a female wolf has pups, they reside in a den to keep out of harms way. Our domesticated four-legged friends carry the instincts of wolves, so your new puppy will appreciate somewhere they feel safe, sheltered and protected.

For some dogs this is a crate. If you crate train your pup, which I recommend, the crate can become a safe space. Pop the dog bed in there along with some blankets, a water bowl and perhaps a toy. It really helps to cover the sides of the crate with blankets or towels to mimic a den and settle the pup.

Your dog's diet

golden retriever puppies eating from a bowl
Ask what the breeder feeds your puppy

Most breeders will give you a puppy pack when you collect your new best friend, and within this should be some of the food fed to the litter. It's important to mix this with whichever food you choose to feed your pup going forwards, before solely moving onto the new food.

There's a great website for helping you choose which food to buy for your dog, it's called All About Dog Food and rates different foods on their nutritional values. Buy the best food you can afford, and your pup will thank you for it.

These are just some of the ways to prepare for your new pup, but there's so many more. Choosing safe natural chews for your puppy is one, as is selecting healthy treats for training. Additionally, you need to know who can look after your mischevious girl or boy whenever you're away. Here at Tali's Tails, we would love to do this for you! Contact us to see how we can help, and follow us on Facebook for more tips.

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